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Weight Loss

Weight loss is so much more than that, isn’t it? I have been facing it myself over the past *mumble* years.

In general, being overweight is considered a choice. That is how most people will judge it. Compassion reminds us that sometimes being overweight is not a choice at all. There could be medical issues or prescriptions with side effects. Often, being overweight is not just a physical issue, but an emotional component as well. There can be trauma, abuse or family dynamics that cause emotional eating. The layers of extra weight are often a way to shield our heart from terrible things.

The first thing I would hope anyone who goes on a weight loss journey has is a positive support network. Whether it be a therapist to deal with the original cause (trauma/abuse), a best friend who will allow you to talk without judging you, a support group you can attend or an online friend who can be there for you, to listen, encourage and support you. (NOT one of those “friends” that talk about themselves and their issues. You want someone to be 100% IN for YOU). Support is imperative.

Let’s begin this crystal consultation looking at some crystals that may aid in weight loss.  Green Tourmaline, Seraphinite, and/or Magnesite can all be used as a tool to lose weight.

Notice I said AID…..not, do the work for you. I do not believe that Crystals are a Magic Pill. They are one of many tools to assist in your intention.

There are also crystals that can help to reduce hunger and control appetite. Red Chalcedony is often touted for easing hunger pangs.

Wearing an Angelite or Blue Apatite pendant or bracelet can fill your energy field with this energy. Don’t have jewelry? Many of my favorite folks stick a tumble in their bra, I kid you not 😉

For many of us, yes, me included, I find that my eating habits tend to fluctuate according to where I am emotionally. The trick is not to try to “fix” anything, but to find a balance, a center. It’s not about beating yourself up when you have a doughnut.  I think it is much worse to say we CANNOT have something. This does not work, because it puts that constant food obsession in our heads.  If I do have that doughnut, then I have it in moderation. One doughnut. Not five. That way I can love and support myself without judgement.

Losing weight is about compromise and balance.

I would recommend carrying your favorite pink crystal with you all the time….Rose quartz, Danburite, Rhodochrosite, Morganite, Botswana pink agate, or Manganocalcite…ALL pink crystals carry the energy of unconditional love, especially love of SELF. Keeping an energy of support and love for self is so very important to anyone, but especially to those who are working on issues or facing habit changes. They tend to be the most self critical.

I like to add crystals that support the weight loss. For instance, crystals that will help boost self confidence and feelings of self worth. Try some Copper (and if you have any joint, muscular pains, this is a bonus!), Sunstone, Fuchsite or Fuchsite with Ruby.

My suggestion would be to pick three from these recommendations. You don’t need them all, just pick ones that resonates deeply with you. You may find another that you feel balances and supports you. Add it to the mix!

I hope this has helped a bit. You can do this, one step at a time 🙂

If you would like a personal Crystal Consultation, where we focus specifically on your issues with food, the cause and effect of your weight gain (or loss), please feel fee to hop over to the Crystal Consultation page and read more about what we can do together for your issue.

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