My name is Kristi and I have been working with crystals for over two decades.  I believe that every thing, crystals included, are created from energy. They can be an aid, a tool, or just a beautiful specimen sitting on a shelf to be loved and admired.

I do not believe in using the general metaphysical properties found in the literally hundreds, even thousands of books out there. These are mostly people copying from each other, maybe I should say, sharing the same information *wink*, listing general attributes for a variety of crystals and minerals. Do not get me wrong, this type of sharing is as old as time itself.

And yet, it can be misleading. You see, no two people are the same. And as such, no two people have the same energy signature/vibration/frequency at any given time. A general metaphysical property is like the Sunday horoscope. That horoscope has no specifics on you. ONLY if birth date, time, birthplace, etc is given can you get any real personalized information.

I encourage you to use your time to work on your own unique energy; learning to understand it, learning to access it, learning to acknowledge that it is yours and yours alone. THAT is where the real crystal learning begins. I am here to guide you, walk beside you, share with you and teach you.

I am not here to embarrass you (nor would I EVER). There are no silly questions. I promise not to call you any “cute” nick names.  That is kinda creepy, right? I will treat you with respect and honor your beliefs.

And please, if something I write does not resonate or set right with you? That is OK! Please do not feel the need to defend your position or belief.  Everything that I write is how I see it. What I write is not a personal attack on you. Please do not take it as such. I am writing to share another perspective. I am not here to judge you.  I am here to make you think, and more importantly, to make ME think.

I am intelligent. I won’t mislead you. I believe in honesty, truth, justice and integrity (often to an OCD degree). Oh, I have a sense of humor too *wink*

There is a mantra here at Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics and it goes like this:

“I believe there is no ONE right way. When it comes to working with your crystals there is YOUR way. Do what feels best for you. This is your intuition/higher self, guiding you. Become self- empowered! Do not be dissuaded by others who say there is only one way — there simply is not.” ~Kristi Hugs

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The Way I See it

Why Numerical Vibrations for crystals are misleading

Why Numerical Vibrations for crystals are misleading

Way back, long ago when I started my crystal journey, I read all of the books written by “experts” in the field. I used these books as reference books, books to guide me, books to teach me. As I learned and grew and immersed myself into the metaphysical crystal world I shared the information with others in the form of articles, videos and classes.

I found out soon enough that true knowledge is more than just believing a concept. It is more than sharing and parroting that concept. To truly learn, you must look to various sources, LOTS of sources in order to get factual information as well as the metaphysical information. I learned this the hard way.

I had a couple of friends who were into numerology, so the numerological vibration given to crystals fascinated me. I was never good at math in school, but using numerology, I had a way to learn more about myself, and let’s face it, who does not want to hear/learn about themselves?

I was so impressed with the information, that I made a video about it, showing people how they could figure out the numerological vibration of any crystal themselves. I used the information in Love is in the Earth by Melody as I considered her the expert of the time.

Here is the chart she shared:

1   2    3   4   5   6    7    8   9
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I
J   K   L   M  N   O   P   Q   R
S   T   U   V  W  X   Y   Z

Within hours of posting my video sharing this information, I was besieged with comments telling me how very WRONG I was. Some were kind but most were quite rude and/or cruel. A popular crystal site “teacher” even got in on the action. I was petrified and very hurt, I took the video down right away and asked others I had shared it with to do the same.

And I was embarrassed. I believed in a concept a highly regarded “expert” in the field had written in her book and took it to be truth. I did what most newbies do. I believed this information to be proven fact. And it was…..sort of. But to believe anything without research or communication or clarity does not help us, it hurts us.

How many times have you been led to believe that a crystal purchase you made was a specific crystal and when you got home you found out it was not what you were told it was? How you may have kicked and reprimanded yourself by saying, “I should have asked more questions or I should have asked for a second opinion or I should have asked my crystal guide”. You feel misled and upset. Don’t beat yourself up. We have all done it. Hopefully, the next time, we will know better.

That is why, I feel it is so important to never believe blindly. Go that extra step! Ask someone you trust and respect. Read more, research more. Don’t do what I did. How silly I was!

Now, let me tell you why this “Numerical Vibration” concept is so misleading.

Let’s look at Fluorite. Yes, this is the proper spelling of the name. It has been designated the Numerical Vibration of 7 in Melody’s book.

But what about different languages? in the case of some stones, there may be several synonyms. What about trademarked names versus the actual geological name?

Fluorite in French is fluorine with a vibration of 1 and yet, it is the same crystal. In Spanish, it is fluorita with a numerological vibration of 3 and yet, again, it is the same crystal. In Swedish it is flusspat and carries the numerological vibration of 6 and yes, yet again, it is the exact same crystal.

So, as you can see, to try to blanket a single crystal with one numerical vibration is impossible and, in my mind, a bit irresponsible as well.

All beginners look up to the experts. Who else do you learn from? You learn from those who know the things you want to know. Someone who has years of experience, someone who has studied in that field before practicing in it.

I have always encouraged questions and research. It is also why I encourage you to not just “parrot” or “mimic” what you have heard from others. Do the work; make sure you feel the information to be true for you. The only way to do that is to go past the book and into further study.

And above all? Ask questions!

If you still believe that Numerical Vibrations have merit, then that is ok too! At least now, you have the full story, not just something out of a book so you can make an informed choice/decision on how to proceed.

Don’t be a sheeple and follow blindly.

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